Green Can Oy

Green Can Oy has specialized in the production of labelled rectangular cardboard drums, round composite cans and papertubes. The packages are made of environmentally friendly recycled cardboard, for food industry packages are made of cardboard approved for food packages. Green Can Oy's activities are based on the customer oriented response to the needs of the packing industry by flexible and fast deliveries.

We carry out flexible deliveries of special packages of different sizes. Quick assignments create a special challenge to us as a company to serve our customers in the best way. Good traffic communications to different parts of Finland, Scandinavia and Russia enable effective deliveries.

Green Can Oy is located in Ylöjärvi in Finland and there are no other producers of similar cardboard packages in the whole of Scandinavia. Our expertise has gained the confidence of, for instance, several Finnish and international technochemical companies, as well as companies of food, drug and animal food industry.

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